Customized Robotics Solutions

Particular private label robots that are made to fit your industry’s unique requirements in terms of productivity and efficiency, guaranteeing a smooth performance transition. A versatile robotic arm engineered for precision tasks, offering unparalleled accuracy and reliability in manufacturing and automation processes.

TechServo X1 Specifications

  1. Robotic arm reach: 1 meter.
  2. Payload capacity: 5 kilograms.
  3. Precision: ±0.1 millimeters.
  4. Degrees of freedom: 6.
  5. Control interface: User-friendly touchscreen panel.
  6. Compatibility: Easily integrates with existing systems.
  7. Safety features: Collision detection and emergency stop.
  8. Power supply: 110-240V AC, 50-60Hz.


  1. TechServo X1 robotic arm.
  2. User manual and documentation.
  3. Necessary cables and connectors.
  4. Calibration tools.
  5. Optional gripper attachment (sold separately).

Smart Interaction Features

  1. Gesture-based control for intuitive operation.
  2. Remote monitoring via smartphone app.
  3. Machine learning for adaptive task optimization.
  4. Voice command integration.
  5. Real-time feedback and diagnostics.
  6. Auto-calibration for quick setup.
  7. Collaborative operation with human workers.
  8. Multi-axis motion planning for complex tasks.

Why TechServo X1?

Precision, versatility, reliability—TechServo X1 delivers. With intuitive controls and advanced features, it revolutionizes your automation needs.


Versatile Applications


Intuitive Controls


Advanced Features


Consistent Performance


Enhanced Productivity

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